About me

I'm a designer in LA who enjoys creating and maintaining products that serve actual needs for actual users.

Case study decks provided upon request.

Smiling Korean man holding his spectacle frames.


In my spare time I:


Make games. Currently learning the awesome Pico-8.


Play games (of course). My favorite genres include Tactical RPG's and Side-scrolling Platformers.


Organize for San Gabriel Valley UX. Come hang out with us!


Read detective fiction. Some of my favorite novels are from the Honkaku/Shin Honkaku schools!

File with music earmark

Collect music! I love supporting indie artists on Bandcamp.

My design philosophy

My design process is:

  1. Defining who are users are and what problems they have.
  2. Ideating potential solutions for these problems.
  3. Testing solutions as closely to real-world use cases as possible.
  4. Observing the efficacy of solutions in the wild.
Define, Ideate, Test, Observe.

Let's get in touch!

Feel free to message me about any AI or UX-related jobs I can do for you.

I'd also love to learn about your favorite games and/or detective novels.

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