Altum Inc.

A brief summary of my time with a startup making an AI product for content writing.

Altum's hero section on their website.


Client: Altum, Inc. (Startup)


  • As the sole UX designer I took on multiple roles to work with Business and Development.


  • UX Designer, UI Designer, User Researcher, and Everything Else

Who is Altum?

Altum is a small startup that ran Jenni AI, a content writing service. Its mission is “... to usher in a new era of human creativity through artificial intelligence”.

Portraits of the Altum team.

Who are Altum's users?

Jenni’s clients include SEO marketers and marketing agencies.

Slide listing information about a group of users.
The proto-persona, Aaron, I made to help us better keep our users needs in mind.

What I did at Altum

My main role was improving the user experience for customers by designing for Jenni’s UI.

Team portraits with a focus on Justin the UX Designer.

Improving Altum

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Altum pivoted from a content writing service business focus into a SaaS business model.

Card detailing the pricing and details for a subscription.

Finding solutions

We found that giving both long-term and short-term design strategies equal weight not only helped the business stay afloat but grew it too.

Experiment details regarding an AI tool we made.
Part of a sprint report detailing the progress of an AI tool.

Why Altum exists

At the end of the day, Altum is a place where like minded individuals who love to learn, grow, and build meaningful things gather to create extraordinary things together.

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