Hello, Justin here!

I'm a UX and product designer with experience in AI usability, UX auditing, and project management.

I specialize in game UX and design, particularly with AI and UX components, to create immersive digital storytelling in the games industry.

When I’m not designing you can find me playing video games or reading a detective story.

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1. Healthcare UX Assessment

Investigated product suite for usability issues and recommended solutions.

Episource LLC landing page's hero section.

2. Altum Inc.

A brief summary of my time with a startup making an AI product for content writing.

Altum, Inc. landing page's hero section.

3. Design System

Established the foundations of a scalable design system for an artificial intelligence platform.

Screenshot of Figma file for Jenni AI's design system.

4. Dashboard Design

Help users navigate the Jenni writing service ecosystem.

Screenshot of Jenni AI's dashboard.

5. Landing Site Design

Produced a responsive design for a content writing service’s landing site.

Jenni AI landing page's hero section.

6. EasyRead

A reading level analyzer & text simplifying tool made for SEO marketers and writers.

Early mockup of EasyRead's interface.

7. AI Word Processor

Improving usability with AI tools for content writers.

Screenshot of Jenni AI Word Processor.

Let's get in touch!

Feel free to message me about any AI or UX-related jobs I can do for you.

I'd also love to learn about your favorite games and/or detective novels.

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