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Healthcare UX Assessment

Posted on:November 15, 2023

Episource landing page; hero section.




UX Strategist, User Researcher


Episource is a data analytics company helping health plans submit claims and encounter data to government agencies.

The problem: What is the current state of Episource’s products and how can they be improved?


They needed usability recommendations for their product platform.


To conduct an in-depth assessment of Episource’s products we outlined phases with key activities:

Specific process used for Healthcare UX Assessment.


Stakeholder interviews

Interviewing stakeholders revealed important information that showed the full picture of Episource’s situation.

UX/Design audit

We evaluated each Episource product to find usability violations based on NielsenNorman’s 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design.

Exploring problem space

We mapped out the existing product space onto a visual map to understand how the Episource environment worked.

Map of the Episource ecosystem.

A map made to understand the client's product ecosystem.

Competitive analysis

Competitive analyses were done to see how Episource stacked up against its competitors.

We compared competitor product landing pages with our knowledge of Episource’s products to see if there were any missing selling points.

A list of questions with screenshots of landing pages.

We asked ourselves key questions while exploring competitors' landing pages.

Journey map

As part of our recommendations we storyboarded ideal workflows for each product. These ideal future-states were based on our observations made during the assessment phase.

Findings and recommendations

At the end of the project we presented our findings and recommended solutions to stakeholders.


Thanks to DIA’s efforts, Episource received:

Assessing Episource’s products taught me the process for conducting a thorough UX audit.

Next steps

In the future I hope to contribute to Episource’s further growth as a health risk adjustment platform.